No more structured commands.. No more recipies!

Finally, A personal assistant that can understand you

Meet iana, Your new girl next door.
It's been a long time, every company were tricked you by giving false language processing services. By using iana, You can understand that the services you used till now were just command processor, not a Language processor. iana is too intelligent. She can process any of your complex queries. She didn't require to speak with her in formatted commands. Speak to her in your style.
She hear to you..obey you.. always..

The smartest Language processor in the planet

Most of the language processors you used till now are made of structured queries. You need to say in the format what they can understand.
What others are doing?
Give me the text. We'll process it and gives you a structured data.

What iana is doing.
Give me the text. I'll process it and invoke your api on the scheduled time.
  1. 1Schedules
    Iana can handle scheduled events.
  2. 2Conditional Queries
    She can also process conditional queries
  3. 3Cross device Commands
    Can handle multiple devices in a single query.
    eg: Process device A using Device B
  4. 4Two-Way Communication
    Sometimes iana will start the conversation.

Try it out
We are giving you few devices to try

  • Thermostat
  • Garden
  • TV
  • Light
  • Socket

How it works?

  • Your User
  • Iana
  • Push Intents through your API

Bind your App or Product
with our powerful language processor API


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Meet your new personal assistant

Natural Language for everyone

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