I'll teach you
iana for developers

  1. 1Create a account in DROID Ei
    Go to our IoT platform, www.droidei.com and login to your developer account.
  2. 2Generate DEBUG KEYS
    Use a KEY only for a single device.
  3. 3Open a Project
    To create a new project, Click on 'Create new Project' button on the right side.
    Click on 'Launch IDE'.
  4. 4Define a Command
    Under 'Plugins' menu, Click on 'Speech'.
    Create a new command. Click on the command to edit it.
  5. 5Explain a rule
    Click on Inbound under Rules
    Click on 'Define a new rule'. Click on the new rule to rename it.
    Write your rule definition on code editor.
  6. 6Save your changes
    Click on 'Save'.
  7. 7Compile it
    Click on 'Build'.
  8. 8Open iana mobile application
    Download the application from the store [ Android, iPhone, Windowsphone]
  9. 9Add your device
    > Goto Settings
    > Select Add new Device
    > Enter the DEBUG KEY and Choose the manufacturer as Nettoraid
    > Press Pair
  10. You are done!