iana for developers

  1. 0Before reading this, Learn how to create a new project.
  2. 1Open a Project
    Goto www.droidei.com to open a new project.
    Click on the 'Launch IDE' button.
  3. 2Define a Command
    Under 'Plugins' menu, Click on 'Speech'.
    Create a new command. Click on the command to edit it.
    How to define a command with matching string
    To match a string use [char] in the place of the search string.
    e.g: find videos of [char], best [char] hotels in [char]
    Define a rule
    On invoking a speech, a JSON array is return to the rule defined.
    eg: {"rule":"search"}
    Here, the rule named 'search' is invoked when this speech command is processed.
    Defining parameters to store the matched strings
    The matched string is passed as a string by using 'GET' in the place of string value.
    e.g: {"rule":"search","query":"GET"}
    the 'GET' will collect values from the speech command in the same order they defined.
    e.g: if the command for best Italian hotels in Dublin is best [char] hotels in [char]
    then your JSON array will be like this, {"rule":"search","cuisine":"GET","place":"GET"}
  4. 3Create rules
    Write your rule definition.
    Receive parameters send from a command
    Use the string name inside a square bracket to receive the parameter send from the JSON array.
    e.g: variable1 =[cuisine]; variable2=[place];
    Make HTTP Request
    Use http.send("YOUR URL"); to make a HTTP request.
    e.g: http.send("http://www.yourwebsite.com/page?c=[cuisine]&p=[place]");
    Send response to iana
    Use app.send("YOUR MESSAGE");
    e.g: app.send("I found some results for your search");
    Make a link
    Use app.send("Your text", URL);
    e.g: app.send("I found some results for your search", http://www.yourwebsite.com/page?c=[cuisine]&p=[place]);
  5. 4Save your changes
    Click on 'Save'.
  6. 5Compile it
    Click on 'Build'.
  7. 6Open iana mobile application
    Download the application from the store [ Android, iPhone, Windowsphone]
  8. 7Add your device
    > Goto Settings
    > Select Add new Device
    > Enter the DEBUG KEY and Choose the manufacturer as Nettoraid
    > Press Pair
  9. You are done!